Best Above Ground Pool Covers

Just like their in-ground counterparts, above ground pools need to be protected during cold months with a cover.  While they’re typically not as expensive, it’s just as important to consider quality and durability for your pool’s protection.

Proper setup is also important, and different pools will require different solutions.  So, after a little analysis, we’ve rated the best above ground pool covers below.


Blue Wave Gold Pool Covers

Oval Pool Cover

If you have an oval shaped pool, we highly recommend the Blue Wave Gold Oval Cover.  This product is specially designed to protect oval shaped pools.  It covers pools as large as 21 by 41-feet and is both sun and weather proof. The quality and durability of the material will protect your pool from snow, wind and ice very well. There is also an extra 4 feet of overhang to prevent tears or ripping.

An easy to use cable and winch are included to make effective covering a breeze. Its dark color stunts algae growth, making seasonal cleaning a breeze.  The cover’s durable construction is guaranteed to last 15 years.

With a 4.4 out of 5 star rating and very positive reviews, it is one of the best above ground pool covers we have found.

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Blue Wave Round Pool Cover

If you happen to have a round pool instead, we also recommend the Blue Wave Gold Round Cover.  It comes in sizes ranging from 12-feet all the way to 33-feet round and includes all the great features of the Blue Wave Oval shaped cover.

This extremely durable cover also comes with a 15 year warranty which is longer than most above ground pools will last!

It has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating with many fantastic customer reviews.

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Deluxe Oval Pool Cover

Another great choice for oval pools, the Deluxe cover is one of the best above ground pool covers on the market.  The rule of thirds is implemented well to ensure supreme protection and durability.  Grommets have been woven down the cover every 3 feet.  Triple layer nylon hems are stitched to ensure the Deluxe cover lasts for the long haul. It is then triple laminated in its entirety to enhance durability even further.

Choose your own color as it is reversible with blue on one side and black on the other.  Whichever you select, the Deluxe cover offers superior protection from the sun’s harmful rays. With 3 feet of overhang, it can be easily installed on pools up to 18-feet wide by 36-feet long.

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Pool Mate Sandstone Pool Cover

Pool Mate’s sandstone cover is an innovation among pool covers.  It features a powerful polyethylene construction that is further enhanced by seams that are sealed with heat.  The result is a durable material that fully protects against sunlight, algae, leaves and dirt.

In fact, if the water is treated properly before the pool is covered, it will still be clean after winter ends and swimming season begins again.  With 4 feet of overhang, installation is surprisingly easy.  And its 9.6 lb. weight is easy to handle.

The Pool Mate Sandstone cover is one of the least expensive brands available but don’t let the price fool you.  It is still very durable and highly rated.  It has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating and plenty of great reviews.

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Snow2Winter Ripstopper Pool Cover

The reversible black and green Ripstopper takes pool cover durability to a new level.  It is actually guaranteed not to rip for 15 years of regular use, even if punctured.  To help improve its enduring strength, the Ripstopper includes a winter cover seal to withstand the elements during long, winter months.

It also comes with a large air pillow and even a closing chemical kit to keep your water pristine until next season.  Its polyethylene construction also protects the pool from UV rays.  4 feet of overlap, along with a cable and winch, bring flexibility along with the Ripstopper’s unmatched durability.  It can fit pools reaching up to 24 feet.

The Ripstopper is the ultimate Pool Cover Winterizing Kit.  It includes everything you will need to protect and close your pool for the winter.

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While the best above ground pool covers mentioned may seem pretty standard, it is the small nuances that will ultimately determine which choice is best for you.  The type of environment you live in will ultimately drive the decision.

However, it is important to match the features of a potential cover with the requirements listed in your pool’s owner’s manual.  You may be surprised to find that a certain material or overhang is necessary to accommodate the unique design of your pool.

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