Intex 24ft X 12ft Ultra Frame Pool

Product Name:Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set
Features:SUPER-TOUGH laminated PVC sidewalls -- New dual suction outlet fittings improve water circulation resulting in better water hygiene and clarity -- The Ultra Frame Pool is supported by strong, durable steel frames which are powder coated for rust resistance and beauty


Why the Intex 24ft X 12ft X 52in Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set is One of the Best Above Ground Pools

With its strong and durable steel frames, this pool is perfect for those who want to spend fun hours with family and friends.  Our Intex Ultra Frame Pool Review is meant to save you time and money when searching for the best above ground pool

Offering an amazing blend of strength and durability, the product is designed to provide a significant beauty to your backyard.


  • The Intex Ultra Frame Pool has strong and powder-coated steel frames that prevent rust and beautify the pool. Furthermore, its dual suction outlet fittings are used to enhance water circulation that results in clarity and perfect hygiene.
  • The product has a modern look with an incredible strength that makes it a standard for super luxury products in the pool industry.
  • With super tough lamination, the pool has sturdy PVC sidewalls. The set also includes Krystal Clear Sand Filter pump that efficiently filters the water for your pool so that you get clean sparkling and purely refreshing water for your swimming pleasure.
  • The pool set comes with a quality filter pump that filters 2,100 gallons per hour and uses 120v to function. It includes a ladder to help you easily get into the pool. Also, you get a quality cover for your pool to keep the pool protected when it’s unoccupied.
  • Draining water is often a problem while having a pool in your backyard. With the drain plug provided on the rectangular ultra frame pool, it’s quite easy to drain water away from the pool and house area using a garden hose.


  • The Intex Ultra Frame Pool is rated 4 stars on Amazon and has many positive reviews.  According to most of the negative reviews, there seems to some instances where the pool arrived damaged in some way.  The product does come with a warranty so that should alleviate many concerns.
  • A few reviews mentioned that the accessories for the pool such as the ladder and vacuum were not of the highest quality.  However, like I mentioned, most of the reviews are positive and don’t seem to have any issues with the pool or it’s accessories.

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It has a very simple and easy installation so you’re not spending half your day assembling the pool. The DVD provided with the pool set demonstrates how easily all parts of the product go together to install your pool.

Its liner also has an easy layout for your convenience. Spread the pool liner on ground level, assemble the pieces and fill your pool with clean water.

After you have assembled the pool with the help of instructions given trough a DVD, it’s time to fill your pool with clean water. But don’t worry. It doesn’t take too long. With the 4,545 gallon water capacity, the pool can still be filled in a short amount of time.


Check out this video demonstrating the Ultra Frame Pool assembly in detail:




Intex has taken measures to ensure a fun but also safe product. Hence it has added a safety feature with the rectangular ultra frame pool that makes sure that the pump is off if electrical current is exposed to pool water.


Should You Buy the 24ft X 12ft X 52in Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set Set?

The rectangular ultra frame pool is a great choice for your backyard due to it’s durability, modern look, safety, and many other features.  The low cost and ease of setup make it a perfect option for anyone looking for one of the best above ground pools.

With the Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Set, your backyard is the place where you and your family will love to relax and float around the pool. We hope our Intex Ultra Frame Pool Review will help your in your decision to purchase the perfect above ground pool for your needs.


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