Best Above Ground Pool Ladder for 2017


Ladders are such a basic component of outdoor pools that we often take for granted, yet, there are actually some important considerations when searching for the best above ground pool ladders.  Durability, safety, versatility, and – above all else – safety.

They may appear nearly identical in construction and functionality, but there are some key underlying differences between each ladder that will ultimately make or break its efficacy.  Ultimately, we chose the Confer A-Frame Ladder.

So what makes it the best above ground pool ladder?


The A-Frame is simple to set up.  There’s no need to hire an expert, as intuitive instructions will guide even beginners along with ease.  It only requires a few common tools that are probably already lying around the house.  While ease of installation is something we always look for in the best above ground pool ladders, this tends to be one of the simplest components to install in general.


Not all pools are the same size.  Unfortunately, even some of the otherwise best above ground pool ladders are built as though they are.  Confer’s ladder, on the other hand, is adjustable.  It can easily and safely fit pools as short as 48 inches or as high as 56.  Even better, it’s easy to adjust.

However, it is not meant for certain inflatable pools like the Intex Easy Set Pool because it can’t be secured on it correctly. I have seen customers say that they still use the Confer Ladder for inflatable pools because the less sturdy ladder that comes with them isn’t to their liking. They fine a way to make it work.

In addition to pools, people also come in different sizes.  From small children to husky adults, friends and relatives of all shapes will want to enjoy the fun!  The A-Frame is designed to match, with comfortable steps spaced proportionately apart.  It’s also wide enough to accommodate even the huskiest swimmers!


The A-Frame’s unique curvature greatly enhances stability.  Its design places the steps in ergonomic proportions of each other with no contact against the pool’s side. Since its width is designed to accommodate swimmers of all sizes, it naturally spreads across more ground for stability.  The curvature also grows wider towards the bottom, enhancing stability even further.


We’ve already discussed the A-Frame’s stability, a key factor for safety.  However, it’s worth mentioning that this ladder features arched handles at the top to ensure safe steps up and down both sides of the pool.

Additionally, each step is threaded to avoid slips.



It goes without saying that ladders must be weatherproof.  In addition to constant exposure to water, pool ladders are hit with every calamity nature has to offer.  The A-Frame’s durable hard plastic construction ensures continued life through even the worst summer thunderstorms.  This, of course, in addition to the constant barrage of swimmers climbing in and out.

Earlier, we mentioned the A-Frame’s curved design.  Many ladder manufacturers design their products to reduce space in and around the pool, opting for smaller designs with reduced strength.  However, this innovative curvature ensures a solid construction that maintains durability while still avoiding any interference with the pool and minimizing overall space.

Although even some of the best above ground pool ladders fail to achieve this balance, Confer’s product does so quite nicely.


Let’s be honest, we want our stuff to look great.  Yes, the other attributes are critical.  But, if aesthetic appeal is also available, why not consider it as well?  The A-Frame features a modern design versatile enough to match nearly any pool and enhance your lawn’s appeal.

Bonus – As if being among the best above ground pool ladders wasn’t enough, the Confer also includes an added bonus!  Each A-Frame comes packed with a Hydro Tools Mat to ensure safe stepping.  It also serves as a cushion to protect the pool liner.

Ultimately, the secret to the A-Frames status among the best above ground pool ladders is in its design.  The curvature enhances stability while also improving its durability.  Its width achieves the same goals while also accommodating.  And the construction brings it together in a manner that enhances each attribute.  And, of course, it all comes in a stylish package.

With over 500 reviews and a 4.3 out of 5 star rating, the Confer A-Frame Ladder is our top choice as the best above ground pool ladder today.

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