Best Above Ground Pool Lights: Our Top 5 Picks

Who said swimming is just for the daytime? Those who enjoy the nightlife know that few things spruce up house parties like a pool. In fact, it’s usually the center of the party.

People will gather near to socialize or jump in to enjoy a few games. Of course, style is important for a successful party, and the pool is no different.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best above ground pool lights. Our selections will add a touch of style and ensure your safety along the way.

best above ground pool lights

Starfish Submersible LED Lights

The Starfish LED lights are perfect to use for in-ground and above ground pools.  They are easy to use and can be mounted using suction cups or just float in the pool. 

Proper placement isn’t an issue as it floats freely and can be moved easily also.

Choose from 16 color preferences, and 4 dynamic color changing modes to add warmth to your pool. 

Comes with two IR remotes so you can control the power and color from anywhere. These are some extremely cool lights that are so inexpensive you can get many of them and not break the bank.

Starfish Submersible LED Lights

above ground pool light
  • CORDLESS RGB POOL LIGHTS: Set of 2 wireless Starfish submersible LED lights
  • This 2 pack of underwater lights comes with 4 attachable suction cups so you can stick them on a wall, floor or ceiling. Mount them in above ground or in-ground pools. 
  • Waterproof: The LED lights are made of high quality double waterproof materials making it fully submersive
  • Safe: Perfect cordless floating lighting that is a safe and fun choice for kids or adults.

Nitebrite Underwater Light

Nitebrite’s light has been carefully designed for convenience in mind. It easily connects to pools with metal frames and features a 2” frame. Despite consuming only 35 watts, the Nitebrite boasts surprisingly bright illumination for nighttime swims.

Its water-tight cord stretches 28 feet, allowing it to use continuous (rather than battery powered) energy when it’s needed most. It includes a 35 watt long life UV coated halogen bulb.

Nitebrite’s light has a great design that will easily compliment the style of most pools.

                        Smart Pool Nitelighter Pool Light

best above ground pool lights
    • Mounts on soft-sided pools with up to a 2" diameter frame
    • 35 watt long-life halogen bulb
    • Long 28 foot cord
    • 6 month warranty

Vinyl Works Solar Powered Resin Lights

If your pool is surrounded by posts or a cage, the Vinyl Works Solar Light pack is perfect for nighttime visibility. It actually illuminates the pool inside and out.

4 solar lights are included with all of the essential accessories to easily mount the lights to your posts.

Since they charge during the day, Vinyl Works’ lights won’t impact your electric bill. There are also no batteries to change or charge since this is done automatically.

Even better, they feature a stylish design that is sure to enhance the style of your pool.

Vinyl Works Solar Powered Resin Lights

    • Pack of 4 lights and mounting brackets
    • Rechargeable batteries included
    • Compatible with 1.5"x1.5" fence post
    • Poly-blended resin mounting bracket for ease of installation

Pentair Aqualuminator

When considering the best above ground pool lights, we love products that combine multiple features in one package. Perhaps that’s why we love the Pentair Aqualuminator.

It actually combines a bright light with a versatile water return. It also features a 25 foot cord for easy powering. It is designed to fit most above ground pools and can be easily installed by a nonprofessional within minutes.

It’s not the most stylish light, but then again, it also wasn’t really designed to be look at. 

Pentain Aqualuminator Light

    • Light and return fitting, 25-inch plug-in cord
    • Deluxe retail packaging, fits most aboveground pools
    • Pressure cleaner adapter is not included with this item
    • Fountain attachment available; hard plumbing adapter
    • Measures 8-1/2-inch length by 7-1/2-inch height by 8-1/2-inch width

Intex LED Pool Wall Light (Winner)

The Intex LED light is a stylish selection that provides extra bright radiance. It’s attached using a magnet (which will not work on pools with metal walls), so the light can be placed anywhere that you see fit.

It uses a 23 foot cord for power. Although the magnet is surprisingly strong, if the light is ever disconnected from its power source (which isn’t very easy to do) it floats on the water’s surface rather than sinking to the bottom.

Despite the Intex’s low power consumption, it is known to beat the brightness of its 50 watt halogen counterparts.

Intex LED Pool Wall Light

above ground pool light
    • Magnetic, in-pool LED pool lights
    • Convenient, no worrying about batteries
    • Built-in flotation in case light becomes separated from the magnet
    • Low electricity level
    • Extra bright, longer lasting illumination

We found this video review of the Intex LED Pool light that you might find helpful:

These are just a few of our suggestions for the best above ground pool lights. Ultimately, it’s important to look for a healthy blend of convenience, versatility, features and style.

As with most things, which selection marks the ideal choice is circumstantial. However, we can’t imagine any pool owner expressing regret over the selections we’ve presented here.

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