Best Inflatable Hot Tubs for 2019

Installing a permanent hot tub can be an expensive and stressful undertaking and beyond the reach of many people. For this reason, they have often been a sign of luxury and comfort, and not something everyone could afford to have in their home.

Luckily, in the past few years, a range of high-quality and affordable inflatable hot tubs have hit the market, meaning hot tub ownership is within reach of anyone.

A hot tub can be one of the most relaxing features you can add your home, allowing a gathering place for family time and making your home more attractive for guests and visitors. Nothing beats a soak in a hot tub under the stars, and a nice, long conversation while relaxing in the heat.

If you’re looking for all the benefits of hot tub ownership without undertaking the renovations, massive expense, and re-plumbing you need for a permanent hot-tub, have a look at this list of some of the best inflatable hot tubs to add to your home.

Within an hour of arrival, you could be set up to enjoy your own private paradise.



Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

The Coleman SaluSpa is one of the most popular inflatable tubs on the market. With the signature look and branding from Coleman, this has become one of the most trusted and reliable varieties available today.


Inflatable hot tubs are definitely gaining in popularity, but they are still a relatively new product. The Coleman brand, however, is not new at all. They have been in operation for years, trusted by customers who love camping and the outdoors and known for their sturdy and reliable gear. For many customers, trying this new product was worth the risk if made by Coleman.

Overall, the SaluSpa has been loved by customers. With an easy set up (actually done with the spa’s own pump), easy deflation, and great instructions, there is no frustration in making sure the tub is set up right and ready to go. Once running, it has also been praised for the quiet motor, superior quality of the tub, and surprising size – this is one of the largest inflatable tubs available.


There have been a few instances of small leaks appearing in the circulation equipment of this hot tub. That said, this is a complaint that owners of every kind of hot tub face. Customers who faced this issue, however, praised Coleman for their immediate response to warranty claims, and have continued to enjoy the hot tub even after repairs.

The Salu Spa can be a little slow to heat, but this is due to the load limit on household plus, and something you’ll battle no matter what inflatable hot tub you use. Making sure there is a little extra insulation, so you don’t always have to heat the water from cold, is a way to help minimize this problem. One user recommends filling with warm tap water to cut heating time.

If you’re thinking of getting an inflatable hot tub, but worry about the quality and commitment, this is a great option to consider. The trusted Coleman brand has been around for years, providing quality products for the outdoors and camping. For this, and many products, their ratings are consistently excellent, and even those who do encounter issues praise Coleman for providing fast support for their customers.

Intex Pure Spa Inflatable 6-Person Bubble Hot Tub


The Pur Spa is the perfect choice for families or people looking to host a good party. One of the larger tubs on the hot tub, this is one of the few that purchases have said can truly fit six people (in a squeeze). The Pure Spa also comes fully loaded and ready for fun, with LED lights and waterproof pillows to get you started on enjoying your inflatable hot tub right away.

With bubble jets to provide a full body massage and surprisingly impressive pressure, users who love to relax will also get the most out of this choice. The heater also works quickly and keeps the water at a high 104 degrees, perfect for those who love it hot.

The Pure Spa has received universally high reviews and is truly one of the best inflatable hot tubs you can buy. One purchaser loved the tub so much that they bought a second, to have more people enjoy time in their yard.


In truth, there are very few drawbacks to this hot tub that are not universal to all hot tubs. Like any inflatable model, there is not quite the durability or heat of a permanent fixture. But overall, this tub has everything you could want in an inflatable hot tub purchase.


SaluSpa Paris Inflatable Hot Tub w/ LED Light Show


This is really the best inflatable hot tub to choose if you’re planning to get a new tub to entertain, or as a new backyard feature. The built-in LED light show is great for kids, and for parties, and has been wildly popular among users and reviewers.

The Paris model takes under an hour to set up, and despite being inflatable, the jets and bubbles are rated very highly and have impressive pressure and massage power.

If your kids are in love with the LED light display, you’ll have no worries about safety when the tub is not in use, because the tub comes with a childproof cover. The Paris model has great insulation as well – so if you live in a place that tends to get a little chilly, this is a great bonus.

Saluspa has actually released a few different models, with continual improvements in their offerings, so you know you are getting top quality.


Though this tub is advertised for 4-6 people, that is truly unlikely unless most of those people are children. Users state that ideally, 3-4 people maximum will fit in the pool, rather than the advertised 4 to 6.

Though the Paris model is a great selection of inflatable hot tub, it is certainly not the cheapest or more affordable option on the market, so anyone looking to save some money on their hot tub investment may be discouraged by the pricing.


Comfort Line Products Spa-N-A-Box Portable Spa

The Spa N a Box is most distinctive for the retro, wood-paneled look it offers in either or a cherry-wood or walnut style. This classic look is ideal for anyone going for a 70s vibe in their new hot tub.


This hot tub is designed for outdoor use – even in winter and is built with freeze protection. This makes it a perfect choice for those in cold climates who plan to tough out lower temperatures to enjoy their inflatable hot tub. Some users have recommended creating a windbreak and adding insulation to make the most of their outdoor setup.

The Spa N a Box was one of the first on the market in inflatable hot tubs, and they have produced several iterations, improving their equipment over the years. Each model has been highly rated, so you are purchasing from a manufacturer you know you can trust.


Though the Spa N a Box advertises space for up to 5, in reality, it is really more suited for 4, so if you are looking for a larger option in your inflatable hot tub, this may not be the best choice.

The spa has also been praised for microjets that provide an amazing, all over massage. But many users who are looking for intensive, and focused jets on problem areas will not find what they are looking for.


SaluSpa Siena AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

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The Siena AirJet is the perfect choice for couples or single person use. With a smaller and more oblong design than many of the options on this list, this is a great hot tub for people who value some great conversation and relaxing at the end of the day and aren’t interested in having guests join them in the tub.

With deep, padded seats and air jets designed for massage, this is the perfect setup for people who really want to relax, settle in, and soothe sore muscles. This setup can be used indoors or outdoors, and the unique shape means it may be a great option if your ideal space is rectangular.

You won’t be able to have big groups over to enjoy the hot tub, but the design is perfect for outdoor snacking, wine drinking, reading, and even watching tv!

With a snack tray and padded seats that position you perfectly to enjoy the built-in massage, 120 jets to enjoy, easy access handles, and an inflatable cover to keep things warm, there is really no better option.


While this tub has a lot of amazing features, it is a bit on the smaller side, and really only has space for two people. With specific padded seating, there is no way of squeezing in any guests. Many other inflatable hot tubs on the market have a bit more space, so you can invite a few people over to try it out.

The unique shape of this tub works for some but may be awkward for other users. If you are looking to massage specific muscles, this is also not the best option available. With 120 microjets this tub offers a great all over massage, but those looking for specific and intensive massage might be disappointed.


If you’re looking for a hot tub you can use for a few summers, add to a rental home, or use without the stress of installation and renovations, one of these inflatable hot tubs is definitely worth considering.

These tubs make the perfect, relaxing addition to your yard or home at a fraction of what they used to cost, and are made with surprisingly high quality. Stop dreaming and start soaking today!


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