10 Best Pool Toys To Buy This Summer

Nothing beats a day by the pool in the summer. Even if you’re not a big swimmer, spending a day outside by the water is the perfect way to relax.

If you’re planning a summer by the water, you’re in luck! We’ve put together a list of this summer’s most fun, exciting, and best pool toys for the summer, so kids of all ages can enjoy their time swimming.

Check out the 10 pool toys below that we believe will make your summer a blast. 

best pool toys

1 –  Fun Food Inflatables

If you prefer to float or lounge, rather than swim laps, you’ll love some of the fun food inflatables that are making waves this year.

These giant toys are hilarious, functional, and actually affordable, considering their size. As a bonus, they make a perfect extra seat or lounge for the side of the pool, or can be toted along to the beach.

Profess your love of donuts, relax on a pineapple, chill on a popsicle, or join your friends in making a giant floating pizza this summer.

2 – Giant Animal (and Mythical) Floats

For those who are not fans of taking the plunge, or simply love to float around the water, there are endless options for hanging around the pool this year.

If you’ve dreamed of ruling the pool, you can now do so from the back of a dragon, a unicorn, a sea monster, a t-rex and more!

Combine these bad boys with some Super Soakers, and your lounge will go from relaxation to battle station in a matter of minutes.

3 – Get Your Mermaid On

Mermaids are on trend for people of all ages, and luckily there are tons of pool toys to try this summer to help indulge in all your mermaid fantasies.

For adults ready to express their inner mermaid, there are these mermaid tail floats, and the giant shell float (if you’re really feeling like Ariel).

There are even beautiful mermaid tails for people of all ages to wear to complete their mermaid fantasies (be careful when using these ones!)

These are some of the most popular pool toys for little girls today.

4 – Floating Volleyball

Some days it can get too hot for even beach volleyball. For days when you’re feeling active but burning up in the sun, this fun floating volleyball set is the perfect entertainment for swimmers of all ages.

Volleyball can be a great game to play with a group, and games can be kid-friendly or ultra competitive. Unlike many volleyball sets, this toy floats in the pool rather than clipping to the side.

As a bonus, this set comes with an inflatable ball (a much safer option when playing in a small pool or with children) and repair set if your games get a little too intense.

This is a fun pool toy that you really can't beat for the price. Even if it only lasts for one summer, I would say it's worth it. 

5 – Get Competitive with Fun Ring-Toss Games

Ring toss is a deceptively simple game that can bring hours of fun to long summer days.

If you think video games inspire a competitive attitude, wait until you see five adults lining up to beat a ring-toss record.

If you’re looking for a fun and simply pool game this year, try this adorable cactus ring toss game, this cute beach themed ring toss game, or this inflatable hunk ring toss game (perfect if you’re hosting a bachelorette party), and let the competition begin.

This birthday cake ring toss game is perfect for any kid's birthday pool party when you're looking for ways to keep them entertained. 

6 –  Practice Your Diving Skills

Remember diving sticks from when you were a kid? The ones that inspired you to hold your breath and finally touch bottom in the deep end?

They are back, with a vengeance. You can now get these sets as fish, sharks, torpedos, jellyfish, and even superheroes!

These toys provide hours of fun in the pool, encouraging diving games, perfect for capture the flag, and providing the great, simple challenges needed to pass hours on vacation.

7 – Floating Pong Set

If you’re looking for toys that will bring some fun to grown-up parties, we’ve got just the thing.

You’ve seen how a good round of beer pong can get a party going, and now you can bring the fun into the pool.

This floating beer pong set is the perfect game for summer fun for adults! Warning, if things get really wild, chances are you might end up with some drinks in the water.

You can even use it to keep beers or other beverages on ice while it floats in the water! It has many positive reviews and customers really seem to love it. 

8 – Pool Basketball

When it is too hot to play basketball on the court, you can bring the fun to the pool.

This giant inflatable basketball set is hugely popular this summer, for kids and adults.

With two basketballs, a battery operated pump and a hand pump, you get a lot of value for your money with this set.

This inflatable is designed with heavy-duty vinyl for increased durability unlike many of the cheaper models. 

The unique battery operated pump design helps inflate and deflate the hoop very quickly. 

This is a must have for summer and one of the best pool toys we have reviewed. 

9 – Jousting Set

For any kids or adults who love to get competitive in the pool, the Water Sports Log Flume Joust Set is a must-buy for this summer.

Each set comes with two floating logs, and two log boppers – allowing two players to compete for the chance to dunk the other.

Adults and kids have found hours of fun with this jousting set in the pool – and many have bought multiple sets for the ultimate competition.

10 – Light Up Beach Balls

Beach balls are a must for any summer by the pool, but LED beach balls take these essentials to the next level.

The Lights are multicolored LEDs which scroll through the different colors. 

These new toys come in beautiful colors, let you take your games from day to night in style, and even provide a great light source in the water!

This is the summer of pool toys! There has been an explosion of fun and exciting pool toys that make summer more fun and exciting.

Even the most elaborate toys and floats are more affordable than ever.

Make sure to check out these amazing toys for kids and adults, and find the perfect item to compliment a fun summer by the pool.

"Happiness is a day at the Pool​"

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