How to Clear a Green Pool Fast

We will teach you how to clear a green pool in no time and with minimal effort.

We love our pools, but have you ever noticed how quickly they can turn green and, frankly, unsightly? Unfortunately, it’s become a norm among pool owners, and it doesn’t take much more than a rainstorm to do it.

Thankfully, we’ve learned how to clear a green pool fast through trial and error. After all, you shouldn’t have to cancel a pool party because of one measly storm or an overgrowth of algae.

Here are some quick, easy tips to get your pool back up to par quickly.

Regular Maintenance is Essential

It’s worth mentioning that there are a few different ways to clean your pool. It’s usually not a one size fits all solution.

Cause and severity will play a role in how the pool should be clean and how long it’ll take.

Regular, ongoing cleaning and maintenance is essential in keeping outbreaks of green water to a minimum. This includes not only the pool and water, but also your filtration system (including the pump).

Shock The Pool 

Rain tends to be the most common cause of a green pool. Usually, the water will take on a greenish tint, but remain translucent. The water doesn’t appear any thicker than usual, it’s simply a little green rather than a little blue.

In this case, a simple shock treatment should work. Just apply about 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons while allowing the pump to run overnight.

By morning, the water should return to its pristine blue self. However, it’s still not safe to swim yet; just give it about 24 full hours before jumping in.

If your pool’s algae have been allowed to fester over time (especially after you’ve uncovered it at the start of spring), a stronger solution will be necessary.

First, you’ll need either an algaecide or even regular chlorine bleach (check your owner’s manual to be sure). This will need to be distributed evenly around your pool’s circumference, just like shock treatment.

Usually, though, smaller doses of algaecide (roughly 8 ounces) will prove effective. This will kill the algae in the pool fast. 

Flock The Pool

After the algae dies, you’ll probably notice that your pool still appears cloudy. This, unfortunately, means that we’re not done yet.

After waiting about a day, it’s time to flock the pool. Essentially, a flocking solution works by binding itself to the dirt, grime and organic matter in your pool, pulling it to the bottom in the process.

This process may take an entire weekend, so plan ahead if you can. Once the flocking solution has worked its magic, the water will appear clear. However, the bottom will still look dirty and may even appear to be covered in a film.

This is the result of flocking; it pulls all unwanted particles to the bottom. Flocking is essential to get your pool water as clear as possible. 

Clean The Pool

We’d like to note that at this stage, the pool still isn’t ready for swimming yet. Jumping in now will likely kick the particles of that film back up into the water, requiring you to repeat the process all over again.

Rather, switch your pump to the “waste” setting (if it has one) and connect a pool vacuum.

It’s probably best to not use an automatic vacuum, it can take some time to clean the pool but is far more effective to go the manual route.

The waste setting will remove the pool water so you should keep a hose in the pool with fresh water coming in. ​


And that’s really all there is on how to clean a green pool fast. It’s not too terribly complicated or time consuming.

However, it’s important to follow the sequence outlined here along with any special directions listed for your pool or cleaning agents.

As an added bonus, the processes listed here tend to be affordable on any budget. And as we’ve mentioned, cleaning a pool at least once a week will help prevent significant algae from growing.

We hope this article on how to clear up your green pool fast has been helpful and will get you back in the water in no time.

"Happiness is a day at the Pool"​

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