How to Fix a Cloudy Pool Quickly and Easily

For swimming pool owners, a cloudy pool is a common occurrence that can occur overnight. Because of this, it can be a time-consuming and difficult process to clear cloudy pool water.

We're Going to Explain How To Fix a Cloudy Pool Easily and Quickly So You Can Get Back To Swimming Today. 

how to fix a cloudy pool

It’s not easy to fix this problem, especially if you don’t know what causes it. However, if you know the main causes you can easily fix it without adding any chemicals or sanitizer.

​You may also need to increase the production of chlorine in your generator or the amount of time your pool filter system will be running throughout the day or night. 

In regards to that​, here are some pointers on how to fix cloudy pool water if you think that the problem is related to filtration or chemistry. 

Test Your Pool Water

​Testing your pool water is actually the first thing you need to do. You can either use a pool test kit to test your water at home or take it to your local pool store. 

If your ​pool water is salty, it’s recommended to use an all-in-one test kit that includes a saline test.

The Taylor Troubleshooter DPD Pool and Spa Water Test Kit below is an excellent choice. 

Adjust The Pool Chemistry

After testing your pool water, use the results to adjust levels accordingly. 

​Make sure you’re within the recommended range for things, such as calcium, chlorine, alkalinity and pH.

​After balancing everything, it’s time to reassess the pool and then continue with any of these methods depending on the pool’s chemistry.

1. Use A Pool Clarifier
It’s a good idea to use a pool water clarifier to fix the problem because picking up tiny particles with a pool filter alone can be a daunting task.

Pool clarifiers are simply a coagulant because they work to clump tiny particles together to make it easier to filter them out.

When using a pool clarifier, make sure your filter system is clean and running at all times because it will be collecting a lot of debris.


2. Use A Pool Flocculant 
Also known as pool Floc, Flocculant is also a good idea if you want to clear up your swimming pool quickly.

You can use it to clear cloudy pool water quickly, but it will require some effort and time on your part.

This chemical doesn’t work like a water clarifier, instead it works to gather tiny particles that make the water cloudy and settle them at the bottom of your swimming pool.

Before adding the Floc, make sure your filter is running on recirculate and keep it running 24/7 until the pool is clear. 

After tiny particles have settled at the bottom of your swimming pool, you can then use a manual pump to vacuum up the cloud settled at the bottom.

It’s not recommended to use an automatic pool cleaner because it will blow up the already settled particles.


3. Shock the Pool
Lack of free-available chlorine can also be another cause of cloudy pool water.

For instance, if there is a difference of more than o.3ppm between free available chlorine and total available chlorine, then it means you’ve got higher chloramines and in this case, shock is the best option to fix the problem.

If you don’t know how to shock a pool, we have a great article on it here
The best pool shock will help free up chlorine and kill chloramines in the swimming pool.


Check Out This Short Video on How To Fix A Cloudy Pool:

Keep the Filter Clean

As you determine the best method to use to fix your cloudy swimming pool, it will be important to ensure that your pool filter system is clean and working properly throughout the process.

This is very important to continue keeping your swimming pool crystal clear.

Conclusively, don’t give up if you encounter cloudy pool water. You can try the above-discussed suggestions so you’ll have clean sparkling pool water.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money and time on this process as you can see.

Maintaining your pool doesn't have to be a chore.  We highly recommend that you take a look at our Above Ground Pool Maintenance and Care Guide to help you with this process.  

We hope this information on how to fix a cloudy pool has been informative and helpful. 

Happiness is a day at the Pool​!

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