Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Families with Children


Swimming pools are a source of relaxation and enjoyment, but if you have kids, then they could be a cause for concern.

There have been many unfortunate accidents that unattended kids have had in pools, and you should definitely not ignore this aspect of poolside safety.

Even if your children are like fish in water when they are in the pool, you have to be careful and watchful of them.

Here is a list of some poolside safety tips, all intended for families with kids

Pool Safety Tips for Families

Think About Installing a Poolside Safety Alarm

This is meant for children’s safety. An alarm is fixed outside the pool. The system also has specialized bands that are meant to be worn on the wrists of the children when they are going into the pool.

This band is connected to the alarm. The wristband has a sensor for detecting moisture. A little amount of moisture is ignored, but if the moisture content is significant, then the alarm automatically begins to ring. So, if a child is drowning, the alarm will go off and even if the adults are inside the house they will be able to act fast.


Adding a Poolside Fence is Crucial

If the pool is open, children may stumble and fall into them, especially when it gets dark and when they cannot see clearly where the pool begins. A fence could prevent that kind of eventuality.

There is a possibility that children who are in the swimming pool may run out suddenly and go on the road. This could be dangerous. A swimming pool fence can avoid this from happening as well. So, this is an important safety measure that you should follow.

Poolside fences are typically for in-ground pools but there are still a few options for above ground models as well.  Here are some good  options for above ground pool fences that will provide added safety for your children.

If your children are younger and depending on the size of above ground pool you have, then just removing the ladder when the pool is not in use might be effective enough.  As long as they aren’t easily able to climb into the pool without a ladder, then a pool fence might not be necessary.

This is one of the many advantages of having an above ground pool, it’s more difficult for small children to climb into.


Keep Life Jackets and Swimming Pool Floats Nearby

Encourage your children to use them till they learn to swim properly. There is no shame in using floats and life jackets. This could be lifesaving.

Even if your younger children seem to be great swimmers, it’s a good idea to use the floats or jackets until they are a little older.

Train your kids on how to wear these things and how to use them the right way. Remember to buy these according to the size of the child so that they offer optimal protection for them.

Also make sure that they can’t easily slip out of the life jackets.  Some life jackets are easy for even small children to get out of.  It should be difficult enough or designed that only an adult can take it off the child.

swimming pool safety


Educate Your Children about Poolside Safety

Tell them about what they can do and what they cannot. Do not be too reckless about it. There have been too many accidents around swimming pools to ignore this. As far as possible, spend time with kids at the pool and teach them proper techniques to do things.

You can teach them to swim, but don’t let them swim alone until they have mastered the art. When children learn the right things to do, they don’t generally do something that they should not do.

When it comes to above ground pools in particular, one important rule to strongly enforce is that there is absolutely NO DIVING allowed!

Above ground pools are not designed for diving and serious injury can occur if not obeyed.  No Diving and No Sliding headfirst.








These are very important tips to use if you are going to have children around the swimming pool in your house. You cannot keep children away, and you shouldn’t. But you need to provide them with the right kind of safe and sound atmosphere to have their poolside fun.

We hope this article has been helpful and informative.  If you’re interested in the safest above ground pools available, then make sure to check out our above ground pool reviews.  Stay safe and Happy Swimming!

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